Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Vote for Change

„President Obama’s reelection, ironically, isn’t about hope and change. The hope is largely gone, but the changes are already happening.

The Affordable Care Act — the single most significant bill of Obama’s first term — is law. It’s law that mostly won’t go into effect until 2014, but it’s law nevertheless. Mitt Romney’s key campaign promise was that, on day one, he’d begin working to pass a new law that would repeal it. But Obama doesn’t have to do anything to make health reform happen. […] Obama’s reelection is all that was required to for the United States of America to join every other industrialized country in having a universal — or at least very near-to-universal — health-care system.“

EZRA KLEIN auf dem „Wonkblog“ der „Washington Post“, veröffentlicht kurz nach Bekanntwerden des Wahlergebnisses. Seine Schlussfolgerung: Die erste Wahl war noch für „Hope“, aber die Wiederwahl garantiert erst den „Change“.