Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Summer of Our Discontent

„At midnight on Monday, when Labor Day ends, the summer of 2009 will officially pass into the annals of history. Good riddance. If there is a less scintillating summer on record, it's hard to remember it. By any standards – cultural, horticultural, political, cinematic, jurisprudential, meteorological – this is the least eventful summer since 1491. It started raining in June and never stopped. Health-care reform didn't get anywhere. The tomatoes were uneatable. Congress accomplished nothing. All the movies stunk. […] As the summer slogged toward its sad, ignominious conclusion – just when the nation needed some bucking up, some leadership, perhaps even a few good chuckles – the president retreated to Martha's Vineyard, where he made a point of getting himself photographed acting really, really cool for a change. […]

The summer of 2009 was the summer when nothing positive happened. The stock market went up but it didn't help the economy. The classic bear market „sucker rally,“ which lifted stocks by 50%, still left the Dow 5,000 points short of its all time high. In other words, those who had lost 53% of their life's savings had now only lost 38%. Golly! Pass me another Dos Equis!“

Freelancer JOE QUEENAN in der Online-Ausgabe des „Wallstreet Journal“ brachte den Sommer 2009 auf den Punkt – beinahe jedenfalls, wäre der Artikel nicht so länglich gewesen.