Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Die Globalisierung des Irrsinns

„There was a time when gaining attention for saying something stupid required an institutional standing – a prominent pulpit, a denominational leadership position, a following of more than a few dozen people meeting in a warehouse. In the Internet era, attention for stupidity is a democratic right, rewarded for audacity and timing alone. The new media provide a platform without filters for those without credentials – people who, in previous times, could not get a letter to the editor published in the shopper's gazette.“

MICHAEL GERSON heute in der Online-Ausgabe der „Washington Post“ über Möchtegern-Koranverbrenner und andere Durchgeknallte, denen das Internet eine Plattform bietet: „It is the globalization of insanity“, lautet der erste Satz der Kolumne.