Sunday, September 5, 2010

It Was Like a Fascist Nightmare

„I am a 35 year old man who had an interesting set of perspective shifts from 2001-2002. I started 2001 a Republican; I ended 2002 a vocal anti-Bush anti-war Democrat. And now I'm not sure I even want to be an American anymore. I speak for many of my friends.

What changed from 2001-2002? A number of things: The blatant dishonesty and warmongering of the Bush administration over spy planes in China, the creepy giddiness of the administration over 9-11 and the rush to war, and the horribly wrong coverage of all of the above by our ,liberal‘ media. One more fact: I lived in London from late September 2001 through the end of 2002. From there, I read reports about the IAEA and Scott Ritter, Hans Blix et al. over and over again saying there were no WMD in Iraq. When I got back to the US, it was like a fascist nightmare. Flags festooned everywhere, people literally calling you a traitor for opposing the war, etc.“

KOMMENTAR von „Joe“ aus Ann Arbor auf der Online-Ausgabe der „New York Times“ zur heutigen Kolumne von Frank Rich, „Freedom's Just Another Word“, die Obamas blutleere Rede zum Ende des Irak-Krieges beklagt. Vielleicht sollte man sich wie Joe aber gelegentlich daran erinnern, wie sich das Leben in diesem Lande unter Bush angefühlt hat. Man ist so leicht unzufrieden.