Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Limits of Sarcasm

„My ignorant, working class family perpetually votes against their interest. So do most. I can cogently argue against any and all of their decisions, and sarcastically make them look as ignorant as they are (though I'm the only one that gets the joke). And yet, I'm stuck with a ex-drug addict, born again christian mother on disability in the state of california who votes republican period, and a father who is a disabled enlisted vet who votes republican period despite the fact that federal programs (i.e. democratic programs) have paid for my college education [...] and my healthcare.

You're great for a laugh, but god damnit I want to change things... and intellectual sarcasm gets us no where with most people because most people aren't intellectual.“

KOMMENTAR von „goodwillhunting“ in der Online-Ausgabe „New York Times“ zur heutigen Kolumne von Gail Collins, die auf sehr ironische Art und Weise die Widersprüchlichkeit der Tea-Party-Kandidaten aufzeigt.