Thursday, August 9, 2007

Making All Vehicles Diesel Hybrids

"All American made automobiles should be made as electric/diesel hybrids. Nearly all modern diesel engines can run on biodiesel as is (...). As it got more popular, and more needed, biodiesel would be at every pump station. If all American autos were 100% electric/diesel hybrids, very quickly we could stop buying foreign oil and the oil that would be used for auto consumption could come from domestic wells like Texas and Alaska. It'd be pretty tough for all those terrorists and backward nations who require oil money to survive to function if we stopped buying their oil. It would also lower emissions which would improve the environment and the hybrid aspects could help meet CAFE standards. The best thing about diesel engines is that they can run on almost everything. Working as a painter, we once ran out of gas and ran 3 miles to a gas station on paint thinner! Diesel could probably run on ethanol too, but ethanol is a scam. Biodiesel is not. Making all vehicles electric/diesel hybrids would seriously reduce the need for foreign oil, lower emissions, and raise MPG ratings to meet CAFE standards. All in all, nearly everyone except foreign oil nations would win."

LESERKOMMENTAR eines Users namens "Darclyte" in der Online-Ausgabe der "Detroit Free Press", zu einem Artikel von Tom Walsh.