Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If Government is so bad, why ...?

"Republicans need to explain if government is so bad why do they WANT TO BE A PART OF IT. They fail to explain this. At least Obama said its not about big government or small government its about SMART government. But rethugs continue to bash government how much they failed the American people and they want to be a part of it. Tell us why?"

"Obama summed it up when he said it doesnt matter if government is big or small as long as it works. Thats what people want and need at this moment, Republicans need to understand this.

It blows my mind that a party that openly scorns government not only wants to be in government but still gets votes!!

They have a tired mantra, tax cuts, cut spending, govt doesnt work, yada yada. Move on people, America has."

LESERKOMMENTARE von "Carol" und "chops2" auf verschiedenen Internetseiten zum Fernsehauftritt von Louisianas Gouverneur Bobby Jindal, der die republikanische Replik auf Barack Obamas gestrige Rede vor dem Kongress gab. Unter anderem wiederholte er dabei das republikanische Mantra: "Government isn't the solution to your problems. Government is the problem."